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Welcome All,

Here at Ladders, we’ve been busy with a lot of cool efforts:

  1. We’ve changed our name from TheLadders to Ladders.
  2. We’ve started redesigning our website with a new look and feel.  Our design team has been amazing!
  3. We’ve pushed forward our tech stack with ReactJS & Flux.
  4. We’re building some fantastic new tools such as the Resume Reviewer.
  5. We’ve welcomed a lot of awesome new engineers who will help us build some fantastic new products – and have a fun time doing it!

In commemoration of all of our changes, we are launching a new Ladders Engineering Blog with our new mascot Fritz (that’s him above).  Our mission: Making Engineering Awesome!

Going forward, we’ll bring you regular updates of what our Engineering team is up to, including our successes and failures (hey, failing fast is good if you learn from it).

Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in joining an awesome engineering team, check out our openings.


Geoff Bourne, CTO @ Ladders

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