Professional Clojure: The Book

professionalclojureA book I contributed to, Professional Clojure from Wrox Press, has just been released. It’s an intermediate-level Clojure book, providing practical examples for working developers, with a particular focus on Clojure tools for building web applications.

I contributed a section on Datomic, an exciting database system with a focus on immutable data from the creator of Clojure. To my knowledge, this is one of the only books covering Datomic, and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to write about it. Check it out on Amazon, or if you’d like you can peruse the code samples for the Datomic chapter.

The book project approached me at an interesting moment. I was working at a company that was making extensive use of RDF, and I had written an adapter that let us treat Datomic as an RDF triplestore. In the process, I learned a fair amount about the mechanics of RDF and the internals of Datomic. As it turns out, RDF and its ecosystem were major inspirations in the creation of Datomic – as were, I am now quite sure, the various painful shortcomings of RDF and triplestore databases when it comes to building production systems.

This experience gave me a different perspective than I had on Datomic from my previous encounters with it. In the book, I really tried to give readers an understanding of the why and how of Datomic, its data model, and its design, in addition to covering its practical use. My hope is that it’s both readable and useful.

As a fun game, readers can also try and guess at what time of night I wrote various sections of the chapter based on how loopy and deranged the examples get.

New Sweet


“There’s no place like home.”

– Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)

For the past year we have been diligently planning and awaiting our move to a new home…and at last this week it has happened! Through just a little blood, sweet, and tears (those ethernet cables can be sharp), we successfully moved to our new lair.

Although we will miss our old home with all our unique LADDERS memories, I don’t think anybody will disagree if I say we are already thoroughly enjoying the perks of the new home.


The VIEW!!!


Our new stylish elevator that works at the speed of light (our old elevators we’re definitely sub-light speed)!


Our Cafe area where we get breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week!


And of course our working space


The move was smooth sailing, at least for us inhabitants. Fill your moving crate the Friday before at the old office and find your desk ready to work at Monday morning. Easy right? However, the team who facilitated the move probably has a completely different story to tell. I’m almost sure that our head of HR Luis Rodriguez and our master Enterprise Architect Marque Staneluis, who lead our move and made it seem easy (which it wasn’t), acquired a few gray hairs in the process…but they would agree it was well worth it.


“Hopefully you didn’t notice, but this move was Murphy’s Law on steroids!”

-Marque Staneluis


Thankfully they didn’t have to do it alone.

They had the power team of Khoa Chau (KC), Jose Diaz, Michael Andersen, Nick Giordano, and of course Jose Perez and Diego Riano.

But at the end, all the hard work paid off. The move was a huge success.

And what do we do when we succeed at LADDERS? We of course celebrate!!!



Ozlem Zoe Gul, Director of Engineering @ LADDERS

The New Ladders Engineering Blog


Welcome All,

Here at Ladders, we’ve been busy with a lot of cool efforts:

  1. We’ve changed our name from TheLadders to Ladders.
  2. We’ve started redesigning our website with a new look and feel.  Our design team has been amazing!
  3. We’ve pushed forward our tech stack with ReactJS & Flux.
  4. We’re building some fantastic new tools such as the Resume Reviewer.
  5. We’ve welcomed a lot of awesome new engineers who will help us build some fantastic new products – and have a fun time doing it!

In commemoration of all of our changes, we are launching a new Ladders Engineering Blog with our new mascot Fritz (that’s him above).  Our mission: Making Engineering Awesome!

Going forward, we’ll bring you regular updates of what our Engineering team is up to, including our successes and failures (hey, failing fast is good if you learn from it).

Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in joining an awesome engineering team, check out our openings.


Geoff Bourne, CTO @ Ladders